A Seat at the Black Chefs' (Socially Distanced) Table

From time to time, people request that we attend events, but lately, we’ve had to declined a few because they were not sensitive to social distancing...and with the current state of the world, we have to take mask-wearing, appropriate spacing, and super-vigilante disinfection seriously. Recently, we witnessed how event planning can still be successful today when we attended an outdoor event called A Seat at the Table. This event walked the line between fun, beneficial, and still sensitive to the current times.

The Purpose: The event was essentially a Black Chef’s table experience, incorporating many black businesses into its creation, from the decor to the event planner, the DJ, the serving staff, the wine, and the food, it was beautifully black and we appreciated the invite we received to send a team member (who loved the food and the ambiance!) The event’s hope was to benefit My Sister’s House, a local transitional living program for women that provides wraparound services designed to address concerns related to homelessness. We love a good benefit, so we couldn’t say no to the invite!

The Decor: Champagne wall, hand sanitizer worked into the table settings, a nice menu, and lots of gold...need we say more? The decorating team did a great job executing this. They had a great balance of fine dining essentials (you know...multiple glasses, water glass, charger plate, white linen) with a pop of refreshing color to remind of the summer we’re in. With some greenery added to the tables’ centerpieces, it had every making of the perfect outdoor, summer event.

The Wait Staff: We got there early (so we could scope out the scene) and overheard (aka ear-hustled a bit) the staff being told to memorize the names of the guests they would be serving. Yes, personalized service! We love it! The wait staff were very professional, efficient, and seemed to understand how to serve in a way that gave people enough space, but still got the job done.

The Music: Provided by a DJ who goes by “Dammit Wesley”, the music was on point. It was a good mix of chill, Sade with the Neptunes -esque mix, with enough throwbacks to tell everyone’s age. It was a nice, cool, summer evening vibe. (Also, when we say cool, it was NOT cool that night...it was hot...but the music chilled everyone down a bit. Nice!)

The Spirits: In addition to the champagne wall...that we now feel like should be a REQUIREMENT for every event ever planned from now until the end of time, Davidson Wine Co (remember when we put ya’ll on to the VERY nice wine company owned by a Black woman in Davidson...yupp, that’s the one!) was the drink sponsor of the evening. The company curated a nice wine pairing for each course. We aren’t wine experts so we don’t know the correct terms to use, but we’ll sum up the course pairings as “plates and glasses were both emptied”. They paired well!

The Food: Whew, chile. The GOODNESS. If you’ve never attended a Black Chef’s table experience, we suggest you head to your local google and get to typing “black chefs table near me”...because you’re missing out! We don’t want to bore you with all the details we could about every single dish, but just know...the food was like that! The food was the absolute star of the event! With several chefs preparing each course, we got a taste of black chef work from around the city. From the opening course to the dessert, the food was fire! It was back-to-back heat like a Drake album. Work with any one of these chefs and rest assured your event’s food will wow your guests. Checkout the menu below to see more about what was prepared and by whom.