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Business Launch 101: Why the Name of Your Business is So Important

According to the experts, a business name is more than part of its brand, it's a major key in the business's success. From the meaning of words to how they make people feel, the name of your business is as important as what it sells.

What's in a name? Details? Sure. Storytelling? Maybe. Success? According to these three reasons, the naming of your business is as important as what your business sells. As the first installment of our 6-month series Business Launch 101, we're diving deep into the psychology of names and how to best prepare for naming a business.

Words. Have. Meaning.

While this may seem pretty obvious, words typically have meaning. And by meaning, we're referring specific definitions. For example, we're called CLT Black Owned, those three things, together, have a pretty specific function. They express the location of our work and what we focus on: the city of Charlotte and black-owned (businesses).

Pretty straightforward, yes, but not every business will (and isn't required to) have a straightforward name. Some brands have less obvious names that can still (and hopefully do) make sense with their use of words. For example,