Category is....HAIR.

This year, let's not only treat our body right but our hair too! After all, your hair is your crown.

Looking for a therapeutic, medicated hair solution? Aloe + Coal By T. Spruill has you covered! Their farm-to-follicle shampoo and conditioner are a must have to remove debris from the scalp while soothing irritation and restoring moisture.

Aloe + Coal By T. Spruill are leading experts in treating dry scalp, itchy scalp, scalp inflammation, hair breakage, thinning hair and other common scalp irritations. How do we know these products are effective.... because they have been tried, by us!

Ashley tried out the organic, natural, botanical shampoo and conditioner set during her recent wash day. She has a fine texture of hair but struggles with frequent dandruff, dry/brittle ends, and occasional eczema on the scalp. Needless to say, Aloe + Coal By T. Spruill is just what the hair doctor ordered.

Upon applying the shampoo to her hair, she felt an instant relief. The shampoo was light-weight and cleansed the hair making it easy to detangle. Refreshing and smooth, the conditioner provided much needed moisture to the hair. We can't go without mentioning the hair solutions smelled amazing, whew! Ashley's hair was full, vibrant, and maintained soft curls after washing with the shampoo and conditioner set.

Don't let finding a quality shampoo and conditioner with ingredients that are beneficial to the hair and scalp be an issue any longer. Get a proven, gentle, AND effective solution with Aloe + Coal By T. Spruill!