Farm-to-Table, but Make it Black-Owned

Have you heard about the black girl-in the middle of big city like Charlotte- making farm-to-table food and spreading the word of how good food can also be sustainable? You haven't? Well, today's your lucky day.

Meet Angel, the chef, curator, farmer, caterer, and all-around fresh-food-good-food-guru behind Zane Acres Farm. The Zane Acres Farm is farm and catering company who’s mission is to provide sustainable methods, use only the best local products, feature local farms, and promote the effectiveness of farm -to-table.

A Charlotte native, Angel’s love for farming didn’t necessarily come from her city upbring. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University with focuses in culinary art, food service, and sustainability and wellness, she really KNOWS her food. And she can cook.

A wife and mother of three, Angel’s passion for farm-to-table cuisine really grew once she starter her own family and saw the importance of eating fresh- and local. She incorporates three clear elements into every dish she creates- love, flavor, and freshness. Whenever possible, she supports local farms and local producers that believe in sustainability and use the best, organic processes to cultivate their food products.

Angel has been in the kitchen since she could walk, helping out with family meals and learning what flavors went well with others and how to bring that “wow” factor to food. She’s cheffed weddings, reunions, anniversaries, and the like, all while bringing unique, fresh flavors, and her love of cuisine to every meal.

Angel’s areas of specialty are catering and food education. She can literally teach people how to grow their own food. She can teach you what to grow, how to grow it, and then how to cook it too!

Her skills range from large fine dining meals to “boho chic” small gatherings. When it comes to food, she excels in every area. Anything you can think of for a menu, she can create, but the true magic of skill is in allowing her to evolve the flavors. Sure, she can make classic chicken and French toast for a brunch, but the magic of Angel is her ability to turn regular old chicken into a buttermilk-fried delicacy paired with croissant-made French toast underneath some mythical “creamed honey” that’s 100x better than syrup.

Are you a little confused but your mother is watering yet? We’ve been there. Give her call and see how she can elevate your next menu and bring some fresh, local, sustainability to it too.