(Our First) CBO Featured Business: Enat Ethiopian

We are kicking off our Featured Business series with Enat Ethiopian Restaurant. Why? This East Charlotte spot is unique, family-owned and SO good.

The CLT Black Owned team was invited by Enat’s owner, Tina Tedla, for a private dinner at the restaurant. We’d heard about how great Ethiopian food tastes and how it’s full of spices and herbs that are great for the body- and soul- but, full disclosure, with 3 of us having never tried Ethiopian food, we were a little intimidated by how unique it was.

As soon we as entered the restaurant, Tina eased any of our anxiety. She talked to us about our favorite foods and recommended dishes based on what we told we already liked. She also suggested some family favorites, recipes she’s learned from her mother, who had taught her to cook (and Mama did a great job..but we’ll talk more about that later). We learned a little about Ethiopian culture and how food is shared among friends/family. We learned that having food, and coffee- which originated in Ethiopia- were opportunities to connect with loved ones. We did just that. Tina was a wealth of knowledge and made us feel like our ancestors just might be East African…she made us feel at home!

Now, on to the food. DEE. LISH. US. Delicious. Seriously…if you haven’t had Ethiopian food, we feel bad for you son, we got 99 problems, but Enjera ain’t one! Okay, so, all jokes aside, we highly encourage you to try some of Enat’s food SOON. We ate with enjera, a soft, spongey bread used to grab food from a shared dish, to eat our food. Traditionally, Ethiopian food is served without forks or spoons, with clean hands (and enjera) used as eating tools. *This is totally optional, though, they have forks, but we suggest trying the enjera anyway*

As a team, we tried just about everything on the menu, but some of our absolute favorites were the Sambusas, the Tikel Gomen, the vegan dish, and the coffee. The sambusas (they look like Samosas if you’ve ever had those) are essentially a deep fried pocket stuffed with herbs and meat like lamb and chicken. They also offer a (very good) veggie Sumbusa. We loved the Tikel Gomen, a warm cabbage dish, and the vegan entrée, a delicious- and healthy- mashup of some of their best vegan sides. The coffee…is STRONG. If you like very rich, full flavored coffee, you’ll love this! We could list everything we liked, but then we’d literally just be copying the entire menu.

Overall, Queen City Fam, this place should be on your “must try” list. Tina’s the sweetest and she’ll help you choose something if you can’t decide on your own. Go ahead and schedule it for lunch tomorrow.

Enat Ethiopian Restaurant

4450 The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28215


(980) 237-0716

Monday-Thursday 11:30a-7p Friday & Saturday 11:30a-8p Sunday- CLOSED