Meet the Four from the 4

For all you newbies, "The Four" (pronounced "fo' "is what we Charlotte natives call Charlotte (the 7-0-4, see? The 4.). 

Welcome to our blog! This is our first please give us a little grace if there are any typos or if our Southern accents come through a bit strong in our verbiage. For our first official blog post, we wanted to share a little about us- the people behind @cltblackowned. We're 4 Charlotteans who've been moving around this city longer than some of the streets have existed...okay, that was dramatic...but in our defense there ARE new streets in Charlotte, so technically we have been here longer. Anyway, we're actually a group of black millennial friends who love our city, believe in authenticity, and believe in the power of community. If you decide to keep reading (and we hope you DO), you'll learn a little about each of us...let's be friends!

First, there's Ashley. She's 29 and has lived her whole life in Charlotte...but can't tell you how to get anywhere. Directionally challenged is her basically her middle name. She loves a good selfie and pretty much forces the rest of the group to take them. If you could steal her phone, the "selfie" category is like half of her memory, but it's because she believes in "documenting life", or whatever they call it. Anway, Ashley is always willing to try new things and likes to find new activities - not without the GPS - in Charlotte. Ashley is also one half of what Jeff and Jeremy (you'll meet them soon) call "the saucy girls", but you'll hear more about that soon. 

Next, there's Maddy. Maddy is 27 and although she wasn't born in Charlotte, she is still FROM Charlotte as she grew up here and has spent the majority of her life here. Maddy's the opinionated one of the group and (usually) her opinions are good. Maddy is a go getter and super creative type; she's always thinking of new ideas to share with the group to keep the vision going. Maddy's a dessert-before-dinner kind of girl. She's also the other half of "the saucy girls", a named given to Ashley and Maddy by the two men in the group because of their love for dipping sauces...and good drinks. There are two types of people in the world...people who dip occasionally, and people who dip every bite. These two "dip every bite" girls can tell you which places have the best dipping sauce options and what places have the best drinks to get you "sauced". Get it? The saucy girls? Dipping sauce and "saucey" drinks? We thought that was funny!

Next, meet Jeff, 27. Jeff is definitely the organized one. Everything has a place and label...we would use the term OCD, but we don't joke about mental health. (No seriously, we don't.) In his free time, Jeff drives around Charlotte so he can stay up to date on what's new in the city. Don't be caught off guard if he stops you on the street and asks "what's being built right here?" Jeff is also the resident picky eater. If you think you're picky, he has you beat. He literally had his first hamburger in life at age 27. No joke. He orders everything "plain". Think of your favorite remove everything good about it. That's Jeff's plate. He doesn't eat sauce of any kind, so he and the two saucy girls can often get a bit confrontational, but it always works in the end.

Finally, there's Jeremy, 29 (until next month when he becomes the big 3-0). Jeremy and Jeff are a lot alike. They're both the chill ones and sports fanatics. Jeremy is a foodie and historian. He can break down the ingredients of a dish by tasting it and can also break down an African-American history lesson if/when necessary. Jeremy's a chef too, literally. The man can cook. He also never meets a stranger...ever...he knows Charlotte like the back of his hand and can recall a name or face from pre-K. It's not uncommon to hear Jeremy to say "yeah, I remember them from daycare". He's also a twin...if you're a twin, we guess you'll appreciate knowing that.

All in all, our team comes with a lot of personality. We're alike in a lot of ways, but also super unique and each bring our own flavor and passions to CLT Black Owned. We work well together because we're a family (but not like literally...Jeff and Maddy are married and Ashley and Jeremy are in a serious relationship as well). Anyway, we look forward to getting to know our Queen City Fam and bringing you more opportunities to support local black-owned. Thanks for reading all that...tell us what you thought! We wanna hear from you!