September Business Spotlight: 704 Horsemen

Yeeahhhhh, I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road, I'm gonna riiiiiiide 'til I can't no more *beat drop* I got the horses in the back...

If you're not familiar with the song"Old Town Road" (we're not sure if this is even possible), you probably weren't dancing as you read those lyrics and you may not totally get the reference, but it's all good, it'll make sense in a minute. Meet 704 Horsemen, a place where you visit a horse stable and learn to the 704- and not the "extended 704", but within the actual city limits. Right here in Charlotte, you can take your loved ones down to the stable and "riiiide til [ya] can't no mo'".

Whether you're looking solo thrill, a friend outing, an activity for the kids, or a non-traditional date to impress your boo, this place is perfect for it. The team here is extremely friendly and know everything there is to about horses, riding them, and bonding with them. They have several different kinds of horses that range in size from pony to Clydesdale. To put it simply, the Pony is a cute, little horse that your kids will want to ride and the Clydesdale the big one that's a bit intimidating to look at from the ground (it's amazing to ride though!).

Our team arrived at their lot and we all immediately felt like excited kids; we wanted to pet everything, we asked a million questions, we took a ton of photos and then it was time to ride! After a short lesson on horse safety and the "who's who" among the horses, our guides let us choose which horse we wanted to spend the day with.

We learned that each horse has a unique personality and brings a different experience to riding. Some horses are calm and move with ease while others are bit more spirited. The team there can suggest rides based on what the rider is looking for and their level on comfort on the horse.

It's an experience we suggest everyone try at least once at 704 Horsemen- but you'll more than likely want to go again and again. The company also does private lessons, parties, and they can even bring the horses to you! Check them out and be sure to tell them CLT Black Owned sent you!