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Workouts to Go: 3 Virtual Fitness Options You Should Know About

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

These 3 fitness options have made "going to the gym" a state of mind instead of an actual place. From on-demand programs to bite-sized social media content and home-based training, the gym is totally optional these days.

Going back to the gym has increased many times over since its complete fall in Spring of 2020, but some are still hesitant to head back into the formal fitness arena. With an incline in work-from-anywhere options and a desire for greater flexibility in when- and how- to work out, the demand for virtual or "on the go" fitness has skyrocketed.

Here are 3 Charlotte-based fitness options you should know about.

Hint: the gym is totally optional.

Reely Convenient

Social media is becoming for more than just "a place for friends" or a way to build personal relationships. Kristen Feemster's digital workouts are perfect for sweating on the go. With more than 75 videos on her profile, Kristen optimizes the convenient use of Instagram reels to bring short, but highly effective workout routines to her audience. Specializing in sharing 10 - 20 minute workouts showcased in under 90 seconds, Kristen shows various body movements, with and without weights, that can be achieved from the comfort of your home, your hotel room, or anywhere in the world. Through sharing her virtual workouts, she's supported tens of thousands on people on their fitness journey.

Cost: Free via Instagram Reels

Keep it Pushing

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a workout program and stick to it without becoming distracted or getting plain old bored. Apu Seyekulo's virtual program Pushing it With Pu, offers a remedy for each of these! The program is an on-the-go fitness option that includes a daily guided workout right from your phone. The program includes an app that reminds you to get active each day, connects you to others in the program, and guides you through each part of your workout for the day. In addition to this, Apu offers live workouts once per week as part of the program. Pushing it With Pu offers a moderate and intensive version of the 21-day program to match each person's fitness level.

Cost: $34,99

On Your Schedule

One-on-one training can be inconvenient and even intimidating at times, but not at Charlotte Fit, a woman-owned boutique fitness studio. Their team is comprised of a weight loss management specialist, a nutrition expert, and personal trainers. The online personal training option is your answer to convenience and individualized training all at once. Through this virtual option, clients receive an initial assessment, nutrition support, and weekly sessions to train and check in throughout their individual program. Training can be done from a computer or phone, wherever you are.

Cost: $285 for 8 sessions

For more local information, checkout the CLT Black Owned instagram.

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